Wrongful Death Case

The driver of a tractor trailer traveling 70 mph on the Florida Turnpike crashed into the car of another driver who stopped his vehicle on an emergency lane. The victim was attempting to switch places driving with one of the passengers and assumed that pulling his vehicle to the emergency lane would be safe. However, the truck driver failed to notice the victim’s car had stopped and lost control over his truck as he attempted to avoid colliding with the other driver. Unfortunately, the tractor trailer swerved into the direction of the victim’s car resulting in serious injuries for the… Read More

DUI: Serious Injury Story

One man made the unfortunate decision to drive under the influence. As he was heading home after a night of drinking, his vehicle collided with a woman who darted in his direction.  The woman was seriously injured after the hit and required immediate medical assistance. 911 was called to take the victim to a nearby hospital, where she would later slip into a coma. Police arrived at the scene to investigate the scene, where a witness claims the victim did run towards the driver’s car. An officer approached the driver to give him a blood test where he tested twice… Read More

School Bus Crashes In Houston While Transporting Seniors To Graduation Ceremony

Houston, TX- Graduation is a time when students and their parents get to celebrate and reflect on all the hard work they put forth that has led them to this point. Unfortunately, several students who were headed to their graduation didn’t quite get to celebrate their accomplishments the way they had imagined as the buses they were traveling in were involved in an accident. It was May 31st when the incident transpired at Blackhawk Road and Beltway around 5:00 p.m. that left two students unable to attend their graduation. KGNS reported that there were six buses heading to NRG Stadium… Read More