Clients’ Testimonials

“Mr. Snyder is quite knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. He listened attentively and advised wisely!”

A Satisfied Client

“I have had 2 car accidents, years apart, however always chose Barry Snyder. Mr. Snyder’s professionalism and his promptness on answering questions in a timely fashion is what brought me back. I hope to never have another accident, but if I do Mr. Snyder is my guy!”


“Barry Snyder is, without a doubt, second to none. He is diligent, careful, caring and knows his stuff. He is everything you need in a lawyer.”

Amy S.

“If you’re looking for a great attorney who doesn’t look to charge a fortune, Barry Snyder is your man! He’s very skilled in the courtroom and an excellent negotiator if you’re lucky enough to make a settlement before trial. Barry always gets back to me in a reasonable time frame and has been a pleasure to deal with. 5 stars for Barry Snyder and his legal team.”

Benjamin W.

The Best Attorney

“Barry Snyder is an extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring attorney. He handled our auto accident personal injury lawsuit and got us the results we wanted! He was always available, kept us informed and cared how our family was handling the related medical issues. He is the kind of lawyer you want to help you with your PI case!!”


Car Accident

“Barry Snyder was very efficient in handling my car accident. He always returned my phone calls and kept me informed about my case. I was extremely happy with the settlement that I received and would highly recommend his services.”


Auto Accident

“I have worked with Barry Snyder on a number of occasions. I have found him to be the most trustworthy attorney I have ever dealt with. Both he and his partners are exceptional and extremely knowledgeable.”


Amazing Attorney!

“A very good friend told me he had spent thousands of dollars and couldn’t bring his wife back from Colombia, and that the only one who could do it was Elizabeth Amaran.

“I went to Elizabeth, and because my case was a criminal charge, she said ‘I could handle your case but I strongly recommend you use Mr. Barry Snyder.’ Like someone mentioned before, he really cares, I paid $5,000 to an attorney who never answered the phone. When I wanted an appointment the secretary scheduled three weeks after I called and when I went to the appointment, the secretary told me the lawyer couldn’t make it. That’s when I decided to find a new attorney and thanks to God and Elizabeth Amaran, I went to meet Mr. Snyder. Mr. Snyder not only took my case, but gave me credit for the money I lost with the other attorney!

“He did his job 1000%, going every single way possible to address my case. He let me meet with him at his office ASAP. He answered my calls personally whenever possible, only one time calling me back right away after a meeting he was in. And another time, let me know he was in a meeting and called me back like 20 minutes after I called him.

“In a very stressful situation having a great attorney who cares and gives 1000% for your case relieved a great deal of pressure. My case wasn’t about an accident but if he says he is a specialist, I believe it without a doubt. The way he represented me in front of the judge was perfect!!!!!

“And the settlement was way more in my favor than I expected, and all it’s thanks to him. I have no words to thank him for being who he is and having such an amazing heart. If you want to find an attorney who is going to care about you, your case and your results, instead of your money, come to Mr. Snyder for personal injury and criminal defense. And Elizabeth Amaran for Immigration.”


Slip and Fall Accident

“I am very happy with the results of my slip and fall lawsuit in which I was represented by attorney Barry Snyder. He is very attentive and knowledgeable. He was very prompt with answering any questions and following up with me. The staff was very helpful as well. Mr. Snyder was very assertive during deposition which resulted in a great outcome of my case. I would recommend Barry Snyder to anyone who is in need of a professional and experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.”


A True Trial Attorney!! Outstanding and Wonderful to Work With!

“Our case involved a full-blown jury trial that seemed hopeless to us, but Mr. Snyder had the vision and intellect to see through all of the plaintiff’s lies and made-up accusations! He masterfully performed in creating doubt in the minds of the jury and won the case!

“Mr. Snyder has an impressive memory for details and facts. He meticulously works with key witnesses. He worked with witnesses on their testimonies and helped them be prepared for depositions and courtroom appearances. Mr. Snyder even worked extra hard and patiently with one of our key witnesses whose English was not his first language.

“Mr. Snyder worked tirelessly for months preparing for this case!! His patience is remarkable and impressive. We felt blessed and extremely fortunate to have him on our side! It was a real honor to be in his presence and to watch him work! Wonderfully and understandably, Mr. Snyder has an outstanding rapport with the Miami Dade legal system.

“In conclusion, we feel that during this whole ordeal that Mr. Snyder was our anchor and did a superior job beyond our expectations! We are so impressed with him and with how well he handled everything involving the case, we hope to continue a relationship and remain friends with him for a life time!”

Barry and Edith

Car Accident Cases

“I have hired Attorney Barry Snyder to represent my family on two separate accident claims. He was very efficient and responded to all of our calls. Both cases were handled with great outcomes. Thanks Barry”


Representation for Car Accident

“Mr. Snyder did an excellent job recovering compensation for my car accident. He was always available and helpful throughout the process. He explained all the requirements for the case to be successful and the laws which govern the rights of all involved. I was very fortunate to have such professionalism and experience on my side.”


Mr. Snyder Saved My Son from a Second Degree Murder Charge

“Mr. Snyder was very patient and caring while defending my son. Thanks to his expertise my son’s charges were dropped.”

A Satisfied Client

Honest, Helpful and Available

“I called Mr. Snyder and offered to pay for a consultation. He did not charge me for his advice and was very kind to me. He really listened to me and offered his suggestion. It’s rare to deal with someone as honest as him. I will definitely use him in the future if I need him.”

A Satisfied Client

Kind Person

“Mr. Barry is a great attorney with a lot of patience and he is a very kind person. I had an accident and my insurance company was giving me a hard time. Mr. Barry took the time to explain to me the legalities of my accident and help me through the process of getting the payment for my car that was a total loss. I really appreciate his help and if I have any trouble in the future and need a lawyer, Barry is the first person who I’m going to call.”

A Satisfied Client

Great Person. Great Attorney.

“Barry does more than represent you. He takes a personal interest in what’s absolutely best for you and handles the case with dignity, care & love. I highly recommend Barry!”

A Satisfied Client

Excellent Experience

“I was involved in a federal case, and Mr. Snyder assisted me throughout the whole process. I’m glad that I trusted him. He is not only a serious attorney, he is an excellent person as well. I would recommend him to everybody.”


Thank Barry

“Grateful to have you represent me in my car accident case. You fought in my case and managed to obtain fair compensation. I would recommend you 100% for your honesty and experience as a good lawyer. Again thank you.”


Mr. Snyder is Very Professional

“Mr. Snyder gave my case a lot of attention and regularly updated me on the progress of my case. I also appreciate his efforts on my behalf. I appreciate the respect shown to me by Mr. Snyder and his staff. I enjoy the friendship that was created. I highly recommend Mr. Snyder’s service to anyone who needs help.”

Mr. Smith

Great outcome

“Mr. Snyder dealt with a very difficult case with previous injuries and had a wonderful outcome for us. I would highly recommend him!!!”


Best Loyal and Professional Lawyer

“I had a car accident with a women from Canada, and it was very difficult to reach the people who represented her in Canada. Barry never gave up, and he had amazing patience. He also returned my calls and dealt with the case in the most professional manner. He always took the time to explain in detail the situation and the possible outcomes. Even when I thought it would not work, he continued with the case and at the end got me a nice settlement. It was amazing to work with him, always nice, listening. He is very truthful and you feel safe and in good hands.

“Thank you, Barry, for all your help. No one wants to be in a car accident, but when it does happen you want to feel that you are in good hands.”


Dedicated, Hard Working and Very Effective

“I was introduced to Barry through a mutual friend. Barry was immediately responsive and listened carefully and with great expertise. He gave me great advice and handled my situation very professionally, passionately, and quickly, as it was a business dispute regarding a large sum of money with serious time constraints.

“He guided me through this process and I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. He was kind and caring when I needed someone to talk to. I am so thankful to Barry, and would highly recommend him”


“Mr. Snyder is the best lawyer. I highly recommend him to everyone. He made sure to get everything done and he stayed on top of it. He was very considerate. Ever need a good lawyer? Barry M. Snyder is the one to go to. I will go to him again and again if I need legal representation. Love him, and his team. I appreciate their professionalism.”

Kenya W.