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How Are Trucking Accidents Different From Other Auto Accidents?

Trucking accidents are very different from other auto accidents because they usually involve very severe injuries. They also differ from other auto accidents because truck drivers are licensed professionals who are bound by federal regulations. There are myriad laws that apply to trucking, so it really helps to have an attorney who specializes in and is familiar with all aspects of trucks and trucking accidents, specifically a North Miami Beach Truck Accident Lawyer. I belong to a national association that deals specifically with trucks and trucking accidents, and we have a network of attorneys throughout the United States who specialize in these types of cases, regardless of where in the US an accident occurs. Attorney Barry Snyder has been practicing as a Truck Accident Lawyer in Hollywood, FL. We have experienced Truck Accidents Attorneys in North Miami Beach, FL working at our office. I have also been practicing as a Florida Truck Accidents Lawyer for over 40 years now. As an experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Miami Dade County, I understand the local laws as well as the complexities involved in trucking accidents.

Who Are The Potential Liable Parties In Trucking Accident Cases?

There are many potential liable parties in trucking accident cases, including the driver of the truck, the broker of the agreement, the owner of the vehicle, and the insurance policy attached to one of the vehicles involved in the accident. Dealing with insurance policies can be very difficult, which is why a person should have an expert, particularly a Hallandale Beach Truck Accident Attorney, review the potentially liable parties and the insurance policies in order to obtain the most protection for the injuries sustained. Our Florida Truck Accidents Lawyers have handled numerous cases over the years and we have obtained favorable settlements for victims in many cases. Our Tuck Accident Lawyer in Aventura, FL is knowledgeable in this area of law with more than 40 years of practical experience.

What Sort Of Evidence Is Important To Preserve In Trucking Accident Cases?

It is important to preserve physical evidence in trucking accident cases. We look for computers that were in the truck at the time of the accident and consider the global positioning of the truck at the time of the accident. Only an experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Miami Gardens, FL would know what global positioning factors to consider. There are many electronic modes that we look for in trying to ascertain information and investigate how a collision or crash occurred. A lot of this information may be deleted or removed unless a lawyer acts aggressively in obtaining it. It’s important that an attorney knows which information to look for and how to obtain in, so it is best to choose a lawyer who is familiar with trucking cases. We have been serving as injury and accident lawyers in Florida for more than 40 years. Our Opa Locka Truck Accident Lawyer offers Free Case Evaluation to clients.

What Are The Biggest Challenges That You And Your Clients Face In Trucking Accident Cases?

Some of the biggest challenges faced in trucking accident cases include dealing with large companies, knowing what types of questions to ask, and knowing the regulations by which trucking companies must abide. Since trucking companies will have lawyers who are very knowledgeable about trucking accidents and regulations, anyone who does not have a lawyer who is familiar with these things will be at a disadvantage. It’s also very important to have a lawyer who has access to and can share information with other trucking lawyers in the country. To get professional legal representation from a qualified and experienced Miami Shores, FL Truck Accident Attorney, call The Law Office of Barry M. Snyder P.A.

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