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What Are Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Injury Claims?

A slip and fall claim may be filed if someone slips and falls as the result of a defect on the floor of a restaurant, store, or someone’s home. In some cases, we refer to these accidents as “trip” and fall accidents because the person fell due to a tripping hazard rather than a slipping hazard. To understand the difference between a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, you may want to speak with a Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer in North Miami Beach, FL. An experienced Slip & Fall Lawyer in Hollywood, FL will help you understand the difference in both these kinds of cases professionally. In both cases, it is important to show fault on the owner of the premises. For example, the owner may have allowed a foreign substance to stay on the floor for a period of time, and a reasonable person would have cleaned it up so that no one would get injured. An experienced Slip & Fall Accident Attorney in Miami Dade County can help determine fault in such kinds of accident cases.

In a slip and fall or trip and fall case, there will always be a question of whether or not the injured party was able to see the hazard, and if so, why they weren’t able to avoid it. This introduces the concept of comparative negligence, which means that an injured party can be found partially responsible. To understand the concent of comparative negligence, discuss your case with a Slip & Fall Injury Attorney in Hallandale Beach, FL. A jury may find that while an owner should have cleaned up a substance on the floor, the person who suffered an injury should have seen it on the floor and avoided it. As a result, a jury could find the plaintiff 50 percent liable. If you decide to go to trial, make sure you have an experienced Slip and Fall Attorney in North Miami Beach, FL by your side. The Florida Slip and Fall Lawyers at The Law Office of Barry M. Snyder P.A. are experienced in this area of law. Our Slip & Fall Injury Lawyer in Aventura, FL is highly experienced in this area of law and will offer you a Free Case Evaluation.

What Should Someone Do If They Have Been Injured In A Slip And Fall Or A Trip And Fall Case?

If someone has been injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall case, I advise that they immediately take photos of the scene. This is because it is not uncommon for an establishment to add a safety sign or cone after someone has already been injured in order to avoid fault. A person should also report the incident to the store manager, write down the name of the store manager, and try to obtain a written report from the manager. Discuss all these evidences you have collected with the Slip and Fall Lawyers in Miami-Dade County at our office so we can help you get the maximum settlement for your injuries. Make sure you discuss everything with an experienced Miami Gardens Slip & Fall Attorney while everything is fresh in your mind. If there were other people around you when the slip, trip or fall happened, take their information and share it with your Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer in Opa Locka as well.

A person might not immediately realize that they have suffered a serious injury; they fall, become embarrassed, and then get up and think it is not a big deal. However, it is not uncommon for people to start feeling pain or noticing swelling soon after. If there are witnesses to the event, then it’s important to obtain their contact information and ask them whether or not they saw what was on the floor and whether or not they witnessed the fall itself. That way, an injured person will have that information if it turns out that they need treatment. Moreover, the Hialeah, FL Slip & Fall Lawyer may be able to question them to understand the situation better.

What Are The Top Misconceptions People Have About Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Cases?

One misconception that people have about slip and fall and trip and fall cases is that they aren’t difficult to win; the truth is that these cases are very challenging to win because the fault has to be shown. However, if a company has medical payments on their insurance policy, then fault would not have to be shown and the company would pay for any medical bills under a limit of either $5000 or $10,000.

Rather than ending in a positive result for the injured party, many of these cases get thrown out because the injured party answered “I don’t know” when asked by a doctor to explain the cause of the fall. Many people are in too much pain to think clearly, which is believable. However, that type of answer cannot bring a claim; a person must know what caused the fall and show that there was some fault of the owner of the property. This is why it is important to seek help and guidance from a Miami Shores, FL Slip & Fall Attorney right away.

For more information on Slip & Fall Or Trip & Fall Accidents In Florida, a free initial buy lasix online uk is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling, attorney Barry Snyder at (305) 903-8892 today. Our North Miami Slip and Fall Attorneys offer a Free Case Evaluation. You will find our Slip & Fall Accident Attorney in Tuscan Gardens, FL highly experienced and informative in this area of law.

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