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A trial consultant is a person or company that works with lawyers to strategize and organize focus groups in order to ascertain an idea of what prospective jurors might think about particular issues. They also assist in deselecting jurors who would be biased against a case. Dr. Amy Singer is one of the founding and foremost jury consultants who is a Doctor of Psychology and has worked on cases throughout the United States. I’m a part of her team and I work with her on many cases. I have been practicing as a prominent Trial Attorney in North Miami Beach, FL for over 40 years. My qualification and experience make me one of the best Trial Lawyer in Miami Dade County. As a Trial Attorney in Hollywood, FL, I provide affordable personal legal service coverage. So if you want to get in touch with the Trial Attorneys in North Miami Beach, FL, call our office at (305) 903-8892 for a Free Case Evaluation. Our Trial Lawyer in Hallandale Beach, FL will provide you a Free Consultation. You can also contact our Trial Attorney in Aventura, FL to get the highest caliber representation in federal and state trial cases anywhere in Florida.

For more information on Trial Consultants In Florida, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Our Florida Trial Lawyers will be happy to serve you. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling, attorney Barry Snyder at (305) 903-8892 today. He is an experienced Trial Lawyer in Miami Gardens, FL, providing services all over Florida. We are experienced Trial Attorneys in Miami-Dade County who have handled numerous cases like yours. Our North Miami Trial Attorneys provide Free Consultation. Our Opa Locka Trial Attorney can represent you in both state and federal trial cases. Call our office to speak with our Trial Lawyer in Miami Shores, FL. We provide Free Case Evaluation to our clients. Our Trial Attorney Hialeah, FL will listen to your case in detail during the initial consultation. This will give you the opportunity to decide to hire and work with our experienced Trial Lawyer in Tuscan Gardens, FL.

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