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What Are The Common Injuries Sustained In Boating Accidents?

Boating accident claims are different than car accident claims, so a person should seek a lawyer who is familiar with boating accident cases. I am a licensed US Coast Guard Captain as well as a driving instructor, so I have a considerable background in dealing with boating cases. I have been practicing as a Boating Accidents Attorney in North Miami Beach, FL for over 40 years now. As an experienced Miami Dade County Boating Accident Attorney, I have seen a variety of boating accidents involving different kinds of vessels. Boating cases can involve watercraft, pleasure boats, commercial fishing boats, working boats, and cruise ships. No matter the kind of vessel your accident took place in, it is advised to seek legal assistance from a Boat Accident Lawyer in North Miami Beach, FL. Many people don’t realize that the statute of limitations in cruise ship cases is one year. An injured person may collect money for pain, suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, and lost wages. It’s important that a lawyer understands the rules of the road in the water and is familiar with what caused a collision or accident. Therefore, one must seek legal counsel from an experienced Boating Accident Lawyer in Hollywood, FL. Cruise ships have a duty to their passengers to allow them to have safe sailing. There are certain rules in both state and federal court in terms of operating cruise ships, so it’s important to have someone who specializes in this type of law, which is called admiralty law. An experienced Boating Accident Attorney in Hallandale Beach, FL will be aware of these laws. Call our office at (305) 903-8892 to talk with our Florida Boating Accidents Attorney for a Free Case Evaluation. Our Boating Accident Lawyer in Aventura, FL will go over your case in detail and get you the best compensation for the injuries you have sustained in the boating accident.

How Should A Cruise Ship Accident Victim Proceed If They Are Contacted By An Insurance Company?

If a cruise ship accident victim is contacted by an insurance company, they should contact an attorney before speaking to anyone. A good Miami Gardens Boating Accident Attorney will know how to handle the case. The insurance companies are very well-trained in terms of the law and the ways in which they can defend themselves. In addition, they can lead a person to say something that is incorrect or that they didn’t mean, which could severely hurt their claim. Without the representation of a good Opa Locka Boat Accident Lawyer, your case may not be very strong. It’s always best to speak to a lawyer about a claim rather than try to negotiate with an insurance adjuster. Doing so would be similar to buying a diamond without any clue of a diamond’s market price; the customer would be completely at the mercy of the person behind the desk. This is what happens when a person deals directly with an insurance company in the absence of a lawyer. In order to avoid all this, make sure you contact a Boating Accidents Lawyer in Miami-Dade County for proper legal guidance. Our Boat Accident Attorney in Miami Shores, FL is highly experienced in this area of law.

Additional Information On Boating Accidents In Florida

Scuba diving accidents and injuries should be included in the discussion of boating accidents. These types of accidents are very unique, so a lawyer would need to be well-versed both in boating and scuba diving accidents in order to properly determine whether or not someone has a case. To speak to a Boating Accident Lawyer in Hialeah, FL, you can call our office for a Free Case Evaluation.

For more information on Boating Accidents In Florida, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling, attorney Barry Snyder, experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Tuscan Gardens, FL, at (305) 903-8892 today. Our North Miami Beach Boating Accidents Lawyer will be happy to assist you.

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