Wrongful Death Case

The driver of a tractor trailer traveling 70 mph on the Florida Turnpike crashed into the car of another driver who stopped his vehicle on an emergency lane. The victim was attempting to switch places driving with one of the passengers and assumed that pulling his vehicle to the emergency lane would be safe.

However, the truck driver failed to notice the victim’s car had stopped and lost control over his truck as he attempted to avoid colliding with the other driver. Unfortunately, the tractor trailer swerved into the direction of the victim’s car resulting in serious injuries for the driver, and the death of the passenger. The scene of the accident was blocked off from other drivers on the turnpike as police officers and an ambulance arrived.

The person who was killed was a 36 years old male with no spouse or children. According to Florida law, when a person’s death is the result of a wrongful act or negligence, a family member can sue the individual or company responsible to hold them accountable for the death of their loved one. The parents of the deceased passenger could make a claim for their personal loss, which they did.

The truck driver defended himself, claiming that the victim should not have parked his car in the emergency lane and should have used the rest stops. His defense was considered unsatisfactory to the passenger’s family, as he failed to explain why he did not notice when the driver’s car was stopping.

The family’s coverage over a million dollars was denied by the trucking company the tractor trailer driver worked for. The family members turned to Barry Snyder and Co-Counsel to help them with their dispute. Through the sheer efforts of Barry Snyder and his team, it was determined that the family are entitled to the million-dollar coverage, which was concealed by the trucking company.

Settlement was confidential as to the parties, but Barry Snyder and Co-Counsel were able to bring a just settlement for the parents in the amount of 4.5 million dollars.

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